James Lee served as a Naval Officer in the Republic of Singapore Navy for 12 years before breaking out into the entrepreneurial world. He is a strong believer in innovative and creative methods of wealth creation and value adding to society through incubating ideas, assembling resources and making things happen. In the early years of his military career, James was awarded the Sword-of-Honour in 1995 (Top Cadet in Cohort) and later was among the few nominees for the Spirit of Enterprise Awards in 2008 (Singapore).


He is a firm believer in the strength of the team and enhancing productivity through effective team work.  When he was first presented with the a huge travel business opportunity in late 2010, there were practically no activities in Singapore.  He saw that as a great opportunity for him to rise to the occasion and take on the leadership role in creating momentum in his part of the world.

After building the business and developing the concept in Asia and around the world for over 7.5 years, he has gained incredible friendships, memories and experiences.  In May 2018, he has embarked onto the next chapter of his life to expand his entrepreneurial horizon with the skills and knowledge acquired over the years.


James enjoys giving back to society and has served in the community and grassroots organisation for more than 10 years. Now, with an amazing business opportunity and incredible platform, he is able to travel the world with great people he will meet and to forge great friendships along the way. And he will be able to help thousands of people to realise their dreams and touch the lives of many with this same amazing business. 


Together living more fun, freedom and fulfilment in our lives... As "life...only better" became his motto!